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How to Get Started on a Dietary Plan: Consistency is What Matters

How to Get Started on a Dietary Plan: Consistency is What Matters

There are many different diets and approaches to achieving your best self, and crushing all of the health and body composition goals you have set for yourself, but what approach really provides the greatest benefits to you building the health and bod you are proud of?

It is a secret tactic used by successful people in all aspects of life! Without it you will always find yourself leaving results and success on the table! The secret is CONSISTENCY!!

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There is no greater way to achieve a goal or create sustained success than relentless consistency!!

Studies have shown that there is no specific diet that promotes weight loss, and maintenance of that weight loss better than another. However, they do show consistency is the most effective determinant of dietary success. In short, find something that works for you and helps you achieve your goals, and be ultra-consistent with it!

You must work to develop a dietary strategy that will promote the goals you have set, and then you need to STICK TO IT!! Even if you have days or weeks where you’re not proud of your food choices, you must not give up!! The people that keep it simple and chug along day to day doing the little things and making the choices that support their goals will achieve them!! 

Success will look different for everyone! And just like everything else in life, it is not always fair or consistent! Some people will find results easier than others; this is simply the reality and it is completely counterproductive to compare your results against somebody else’s!! I can say with 100% certainty however, the people that take a mindful approach to eating, and do their best to make good choices whenever possible will absolutely see better results than the person who gives up after a few weeks or months!

There is no time like the present to go hunting for your goals!! Start making positive changes right now: 1 meal, 1 workout, and 1 day at a time!!

This is your life and your path! So, get out a note pad and answer these questions to start building towards developing a plan that you can be consistent with!

  1. What are 3 non weight related health goals you have?? (weight is just a result of taking actual actions)
  2. What are your favorite- Proteins, veggies, fruits, complex carbs, plant-based fats??
  3. What foods do you frequently eat that do not align with your health and body composition goals?? (If you really enjoy them, never cut them completely out, but plan to limit them!)
  4. How often do you move each day?? (this does not need to be killer workouts, but you must be active!)
  5. How much time and consistency are you willing to give to your 3 goals and eating the healthy foods listed in Question 2?? (be realistic with yourself!)
Organic Krush Meal 1
Organic Krush Meal 2
Organic Krush Meal 3
Organic Krush Meal 4
Samples of Organic Krush Meal Plans menu options

Now that you have answered these questions you have started to develop a simple plan for success!! Now the accountability and consistency come in to play!

The thing I see most is people wanting a result, but not taking the actions necessary to achieve it! If you want to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, you better be prepared to dedicate 24/7 to that goal for 10+ years! You cannot give a 2$ effort and expect a million-dollar result!! That is not how this works!!

Also being realistic with yourself about your efforts will help you stay on track!! If you do not act in alignment with your goals for 2 straight weeks, how realistic would it be to expect a result in favor of your goals?? This would be crazy!! So, if you have a bad few weeks, be real with yourself and admit that you can do better, and then get back to doing what works, do not waste time feeling sorry for yourself and quit. Own your decisions and move on!!

There is no time like the present to go hunting for your goals!! Start making positive changes right now: 1 meal, 1 workout, and 1 day at a time!!

This is going to be a big year for Organic Krush, and we hope you will continue to join us on our mission to make people healthier mentally and physically and assist them in pursuit of their goals!!

If you feel you need help through the process of planning and implementing, then please reach out!! Our team is happy to feed, and coach you through this process and help you put health and body composition struggles behind you!!

Adam Ross
Adam Ross RD,

Adam Ross is a Registered Dietitian and certified sports nutritionist, and loves working with motivated people who prioritize health and the power of proper nutrition as a means to thrive in this life!! Adam is a health and fitness nut and loves the opportunity to help others navigate the confusing and often frustrating landscape that is personal health and nutrition!

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