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Your pan might be toxic!

Your pan might be toxic!

We love fresh food! We recommend using a stovetop to reheat your KrushLifestyles meals to maintain the flavor, but suggest you use a high quality pan.  Most nonstick pans are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon. PTFE is a PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances), and is toxic to humans, with studies even suggesting  a variety of negative health outcomes from high levels of PFAS in the bloodstream. PFAS don't breakdown, and are therefore considered "forever chemicals" that are bound to increase your body burden when consumed.

The number one thing to avoid is scraping your nonstick pans with other metals, like a metal spatula or utensil. The friction between the two metals will cause scratches and specs from the Teflon coating of the pan to get into your food, and ultimately into your bloodstream. If you have a favorite nonstick pan that you can't bare to replace, just make sure that you always use non-metal utensils on it, but if you are ready for a healthy and safe change, the options are plenty!

There are a plethora on non-toxic, non-stick pans on the market for you to chose from. These pans are typically ceramic, removing any chance of exposure to a chemical Teflon coating. KrushLifestyles dishes are 100% organic and created to lower your body burden. PFAS in your food can do exactly the opposite. We suggest stainless steal pans with a healthy cooking oil as a way to lead a healthier lifestyle!

Michelle and Fran

PS: We were part of a team who made a documentary about this topic. You can read here for more details about The Devil We Know. 
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