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Are You Curious to Learn About Your Unique Caloric Needs? Take Our Krush Quiz!

Krush Quiz Calculator

Our Quiz Helps You Plan Your Krush Lifestyle

The Krush Lifestyles Calculator (BMR + fitness frequency)  

The daily amount of calories that the body needs to function is known as the basal metabolic rate, or BMR. This number of calories reflects how much energy your body requires to support vital body functions.

This is the daily number of calories your body needs just to function.

In our calculator, we use the BMR plus average weekly activity levels to inspire you to consume an accurate amount of calories in a day.

It is a great way to know if you are eating too few or too many calories.  Eating too little, skipping meals and saving calories for later will all backfire on you. Let’s Krush it! Enter your info and learn some cool info about yourself.

We are always focused on a well functioning metabolism and using our calculator can positively guide your caloric intake therefore keeping your metabolism steady and balanced.

We encourage: organic toxin free living, hydration, and a regular fitness routine because it has such a positive impact on your metabolism: Lean muscle tissue burns 3 times more calories than fat. Muscle burns 300 times more calories at rest than fat! Exercise also rids your body of toxins!

We discourage: Yo-yo dieting, starvation diets, and diets that are not nutrient dense because these slow down your metabolism.  We discourage processed food because they add such a burden to your liver which also harms your metabolism.

Lifestyle Meal Plans

Our 100% organic, pre-set meal plans were built to give you 3 or 6 days of ease and satisfaction. No shopping, prepping, or cooking needed. Just re-heat to eat.

Create Your Own Plan

Order according to your own preferences and personal requirements. Choose however many meals and snacks you would like to help power you through your week.

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