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Lifestyle Meal Plans

Our 100% organic, pre-set meal plans were built to give you 6 days of ease and satisfaction. No shopping, prepping, or cooking needed. Just re-heat to eat. Our 6 day plans are delivered twice weekly so you get the freshest food possible. Our plans include breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. This provides you the structure you need, ensuring you have your daily allotment of micro-macro nutrients and soul satisfying flavor. All plans are gluten-free and free of added sugars.

Sustainably packaged.

Start Krushing Your Health Now!


Improve Heart Health, Drop Body Fat, Increase Brain Function!

A vegan meal plan that offers taste and balance unlike any other program on the market; many dietitians and doctors recommend plant dominated eating for heart health, weight control and maximum nutrient load. The more varied the selection of your fruits and vegetables, the more powerful the nutrients that you are adding into your gut-brain axis, which is where positive change begins to happen. We personally dabble in and out of plant strong and feel incredible when we focus on a vegan, low body burden diet, but never sacrifice delicious taste or enough protein to fulfill your daily requirements.

Contains maximum deliciousness yet no dairy, no gluten, no eggs, no animal proteins, and no processed sugar.

Choose Plant Strong


Detoxify and Rebuild Your Digestive System! A Meal Plan to Improve Your Health at its Deepest Cellular Level.

Rebuild your digestive system from the ground up. This plan will improve your health at its deepest cellular level, detoxifying your system with an antioxidant packed program rich in omega fatty acids, lean protein and a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Reduce inflammation by increasing antioxidants and beneficial sulfurs that help with detoxification. This plan focuses on ingredients like turmeric, ginger, garlic, hemp, chia, flax, omega 3s, dark leafy greens and iodine for optimal hormonal and cellular health.

Contains maximum satisfaction; light dairy, no gluten, and no processed sugar.

Choose deep nutrition


Increase Lean Muscle, Boost Energy Levels!

A delicious, balance-driven meal plan that consists of good carbs, fats and proteins to promote muscle building and higher energy. A focus on lean, clean and supreme quality proteins such as 100% organic beef, chicken and tofu. If you find yourself squeezing in workouts on most days, or spending time on high stress, high performance tasks, this meal plan is for you. This plan is distinguished from the other plans by its extra calories and macros.

Contains maximum nourishment, very light dairy, no gluten, and no processed sugar.

Choose Max Muscle

The 3 Days to Healthy Reset

Set yourself up for success with our 3-day reset plan.

Did you know that you can make major health changes in just 3 days? Your gut needs a period of rejuvenation to function optimally. Studies show that cells in your gut turn over every 3 days so why not infuse them with the best ingredients on the planet?

With a 3 day plan you can reduce inflammation, shed water weight, and reduce bloating. In 3 days, you can create the foundation to create long term lifestyle habits.

One-time purchase or subscribe weekly if that suits your lifestyle.

Start Your Reset

Meal Plan Customization

Our new Meal Plan Customization level service allows you even more customization.

If you've got specific allergies or aversions, Krush your week of meals by working with our special Meal Plan expert (hey Alexandra!) to customize your entire plan, giving you exactly what you need and want in every single dish. Additional fee applies.

- Customize your meals even further

- Personal coach

- Backed by our experts

Email our Meal Plan Expert Alexandra to set up your consultation!

Use Our Krush Quiz to Help You Plan Your Krush Lifestyle!

If you don’t feed yourself enough food it can be as detrimental as overeating. Your metabolism gets confused and therefore does not function in the way that serves you best. Here's a tool to help you out on your health journey.


"I have tried many meal plan services and have not been able to find one that checks all the boxes. I have seen results from many but lacked the desire to continue because the food was bland and I just felt deprived. I wasn't really looking to lose weight, just wanted to feel good while enjoying the food."

- Rebecca L

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