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The Krush Mission

Food you can trust!

After many years in the organic restaurant business, we have personally thrived having access to a diet that lifts us up from the inside out. Over the years many guests have been asking for customized meal plans. So here, we present to you, our chef crafted and dietitian approved, delicious meal plans to make eating feel good again.

Food should never hurt, it should only heal. We are committed to serving food that is free of pesticides, GMO’s, hormones and fake ingredients. Come Krush with us on our mission towards super human health. We promise you will love the journey.

- Fran & Michelle

Meet The Krush Team

What Makes Krush Lifestyles Different

Our Plans

Straight Out of Nature

We only source and serve 100% organic, GMO-free food. When we learned 20+ years ago the damaging effects of GMO's on our gut linings, we swore them off for good.

Why mess with what nature has perfected? Our proteins, fruits, vegetables, spices and oils are 100% organic and our beef is grass-fed/ grass finished. We promise always to serve you only what nature grows for us.

Our Process

Rotational, Rhythmic Eating

Change your meals, change your life. By rotating new ingredients into your meals, we bring you an abundance of micronutrients.

We balance our meal plans with every vegetable on the market. By consuming a wide variety of foods, you will satiate at a deep level and diminish your negative cravings. Rotational, rhythmic eating has life changing effects. You'll never be bored, but always inspired!

Our Promise

Always Satisfied

After years of serving our guests, we pulled our most popular recipes. When we produced the film Fed Up, we discovered a hidden world of food ingredients, with sugar and fake sweeteners being amongst the worst of the culprits.

We crafted these plans with complete transparency. Our chefs crafted 100% deliciousness so what you get is 100% satisfaction and satiety.

Our Philanthropy

We tie ourselves into every community of which we are a part.

We are grateful to these organizations that tackle some of the worlds biggest issues.

In 2022, a portion of our proceeds are dedicated to these 3 philanthropies.

Filling in the Blanks

Food scarcity for children is an all too common issue. If children don't have enough food how can they perform in school and life?

This wonderful organization — started by two moms (just like us) — is near and dear to our hearts as they spend their days filling weekend backpacks full of food and love to keep under nourished children healthy and energized.

Organic Consumers Assoc.

Like us, OCA cares deeply about transparency.

They address crucial issues around food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children's health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability, including pesticide use, and other food- and agriculture-related topics.

Their weekly newsletter inspires and educates.

Surfrider Foundation

When we started our restaurants we were determined to be the least damaging to our earth that we could be. We do glass bottles, eco ware, compostable cutlery; Surf Rider is dedicated to oceans, beaches, reducing plastic pollution and cleaning up our oceans so it's safe for all of us to swim and consumer the ocean's bounty.

They also educate restaurants as to how to be sustainable. Anyone can be a part of this movement to improve the health of our environment! Join us!

Learn More About What Goes Into Our Meals

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