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3-Day Reset Plan

Set yourself up for success with our 3-day reset plan. Did you know that you can make major health changes in just 3 days? Your gut needs a period of rejuvenation to function optimally. Studies show that cells in your gut turn over every 3 days so why not infuse them with the best ingredients on the planet? With a 3 day plan you can reduce inflammation, shed water weight, and reduce bloating. In 3 days, you can create the foundation to create long term lifestyle habits.

Meals rotate each month.

View current plan meals here.

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For Subscription Plans, your order will be delivered in 2 separate shipments to ensure maximum freshness! Our refrigerated delivery vans will deliver to your doorstep on Wednesday and Sunday each week. You will receive 3 days of food in each delivery.

Our food is 100% organic, cooked fresh to order, and delivered the same day... so what you get is 100% satisfaction! For reheat, easy and quick heating instructions are included with each meal.

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