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Eat and Train Like a Pro

Eat and Train Like a Pro

We've been SO fortunate over the years to have the wisdom and coaching of two very established dietitians and fitness trainers. Now we want to share them with you!

Every body is different, and every person has different goals. That said, everyone's plan for success should follow a few general rules, with some tailoring to fit your individual needs. Eat well, move your body everyday, give yourself mental downtime, etc. At our most recent Wellness Tour event, we brought these concepts together with celebrity fitness trainer Don Saladino and Registered Dietician Adam Ross. As two experts in the field, they shared their coveted insights and knowledge about health, wellness, nutrition and fitness.

Below is a recap of their top 7 insights, and an everyday workout video for our readers:

1. When it comes diet, focus on plants and protein first.

2. If you are looking to gain muscle, consume one gram of protein per pound of your bodyweight.

3. Calories are energy, they're not a negative thing that makes you gain weight. Where your calories come from is what really matters! Your everyday calories should come from high-quality protein, high-quality carbohydrates and a variety of plants.

4. When people crave sugar or "junk" food in the evening, it's often because they didn't properly fuel themselves during the day. If you are satiated, you're not craving junk.

5. Don't go into a meal hungry or too "under-caloried."

6. Don't use the scale as a determination of your level of happiness, how good you feel, or even how good you look. Adam and Don stress the importance of working out and moving your body in addition to a healthy diet, and guess what weighs even more than fat. Muscle! You may look AWESOME and feel better than ever, and if that's the case, a number on a device should affect nothing. The reason why your body can completely change while the number on the scale does not is because these changes in your body are a result of a change in total body composition, not weight loss.

7. Don't jeopardize the importance of having muscle, being strong, and being resilient. So many people fear muscle gain, women especially, but Don shared that so many of the female celebrities he has worked with (who happen to be people that many women look to as body and health inspiration) actually seek out exercises that increase muscle gain!

At Krush Lifestyles, everything is about balance: balancing macros and micros, balancing convenience and luxury, balancing thoughtful meal time and all of the other priorities in your life. To achieve optimal health, you must also balance diet and exercise, as neither one is drastically more important than the other. There's no better time then now! Choose a Monday soon and get started on weeks and months of self-care and positive lifestyle changes. 

Watch below to hear from Adam and Don themselves, and follow along with Don Saladino's quick everyday workout.

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