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Our Summer Pro Tips

Our Summer Pro Tips

The start of summer brings new weather, a new routine, new cravings, a new wardrobe, and of course, that vitamin D we have been missing from our lives. 

Your "summer body" is exactly the body you are in right now. There is no reason to change the way you look just because you will be on a beach soon, but if you are in need of a few tips to keep your body thriving with the change of season, we are here to help.

1. HYDRATE. We have said it endlessly and we will say it again. Hydration is vital year-round, but especially in the summer. Your body is going to be constantly secreting toxins through sweat this season. Make sure to replace that water and electrolytes through extra H2O consumption. Krush Tip: Drink 16oz of water before you finish your bedroom and bathroom routine in the morning. 

2. Eat seasonally. You may find that your craving drastically change with the seasons. Do you crave hearty chili in the winter, but light salads and juicy fruit in the summer? Us too. This is not a coincidence! Your body needs different nutrients in different weather. Visit our blog post for more of the science behind your seasonal cravings.

3. Get outside before the UV hits a peak. You probably know about the UV as it refers to tanning, and if you are going to be intentionally tanning or outdoors for long periods of time, wear at least 30 spf of a clean, mineral sunscreen. That said, getting outside without sunscreen before or after the UV has hit its peak for the day can increase your body's vitamin D production.

4. Get into an eating routine early in the season. Summer always comes so abruptly, and before we know it, we are dehydrated and stuck in the habit of snacking on highly processed foods while spending the day at the pool with friends. Get yourself and your family into the habit of eating whole, in-season, organic foods before you find yourself caught up in the "heat" of summer! Stocking your fridge with a KrushLifestyles meal plan or individual dishes is the easiest way to ensure you will have healthy, well-balanced meals ready to go when you need them. 
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