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Self Defense + Health Defense

Self Defense + Health Defense

Last night we held another stop of our Wellness Tour with functional medicine health coach and personal trainer Rebecca Heiberg, and her husband, jiu jitsu black belt Victor Torres.

Becca and Victor have an extraordinary story of food as medicine and brought their combined skills to Krush. The jiu jitsu black belt himself, Victor,  showed us life saving skills for physical self defense but in true Krush fashion, we were equally as excited to learn about self defense from the inside, including free radicals, heavy metals and toxins inside our body. Here are the top five tips that we learned from Heiberg:

1. Manage your stress. Rebecca recommends meditation and taking advantage of nature, for many reasons, one of which being that it's free! Go to your local park for a walk or a hike. It costs nothing, you will be engaging with the environment, taking a break from your screen and getting exercise, all amazing ways to decrease stress.

2. Sleep more and sleep better. Move this way up to the top of your priority list. Try to stop eating about 3 hours before your bedtime and get into the habit of a simple, daily bedtime routine. Rebecca also stresses the importance of limiting your screen time and blue light exposure leading up to bedtime. She highly recommends taking the tv out of your bedroom, making the bedroom a sanctuary and simple space for sleep and rest, away from blue light and overflow of information from our devices. 

3. Focus on a predominantly plant-based diet filled with organic foods. Eat what feels good for your body, and be aware of what reactionary foods are for you. Try building a relationship with your food as well. Grow, prep and share food as much as you can. Rebecca explained that in today's food system, almost all of the soil that the produce you consume is grown in has been stripped of nutrients and filled with sprays and chemicals. Don't let this fact scare you away from buying fresh produce, if this is what you have access to, but if you have any opportunity to grow your own food, definitely do it!

4. Supplement for your body. Educate yourself on your nutrient deficiencies and the limitations on vitamins and nutrients that are present in our food source. Heiberg focuses on vitamins B, C, D and Zinc.

5. Take measures to help your body combat an overload of toxins, heavy metals and viruses. Two amazing ways to support your body in doing this is through sauna therapy and regular celery juice consumption. Celery juice does wonders for detoxification and providing the body with so many nutrients quickly, and sauna therapy is Heiberg's #1 recommendation for detoxing and preparing your body for sickness and burden. She sits in her sauna every singe day! 

Rebecca explains that although all of the tips and lessons she provides are so important, you can do everything in the world to keep yourself healthy and still be susceptible to outside evils. That's where her husband comes in. Rebecca makes sure that she and her family are protected from the inside, and Victor from the outside! Watch the video below to learn simple, yet potentially life saving self defense skills from jiu jitsu black belt Victor Torres. 


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