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Krush Life with this Resource List

Krush Life with this Resource List

Most of the people we meet in our restaurants on a day to day basis are super busy humans. It’s hard to find enough time in the day to take care of ourselves, but it is essential we do. Stress and health issues can get in the way of feeling amazing, which is really what life is all about. Over the years we’ve built a team of experts around us that have helped us thrive. Here is a list of resources that can be a starting point to viewing health in a whole new way. With these experts, you may gain a new understanding and perspective of your personal health. 

On a personal note, my twin sister and I were born at 4 lbs and we had a tough time thriving. My parents tried all sorts of medicine and nothing was working. We were colicky, underweight, unable to digest, and very sleep deprived. Finally at 6 months old my parents were introduced to Dr Philip Incao and this is where our health journey begins. A homeopathic doctor, Dr Incao built his practice around getting to the root cause of a health issue and treating the problem with his patients’ constitution in mind. With one homeopathic remedy, food abstinence and a medicinal bath, my twin sister and I were immediately relieved of all of our symptoms.  

We had a unique childhood in that my parents gained a perspective on health and medicine that was ancient in practice but rare in the modern world. Food was medicine and homeopathic remedies and lifestyle adjustments were the cures should we come down with any viruses or illnesses. The idea behind this resource list is to offer you the connections we have made over the years and hopefully complement the journey you are on to achieving wellness and feeling amazing. 

This post is dedicated to my childhood doctor, Dr. Incao who passed away February 28, 2022.


The Tapping Solution- series of books and an app app to guide anyone through the effective method of tapping; aka Emotional Freedom Technique, this is a very powerful tool for self help and for many levels of healing and wellness 

Dr Mark Hyman- cutting edge podcast, books, and easy to follow advice

Medical Medium- aka Anthony Williams, a self-directed, thoughtful approach to healing many, if not all autoimmune conditions using fruits and vegetables and supplementation

Tony Robbins- great blog, books and more for ultimate, advanced health and energy practices

Homeopathic and Holistic Medicine Practitioners: 

Dr Incao- my childhood doctor; his site is old fashioned but has many articles that lead to a great understanding of how illness and wellness work together for true lifelong health

Dr Alan Scherr- Northport Wellness Center- based on Long Island, a true wellness center for all members of the family; fantastic blog and more on their site

Dr Larry Palevsky- holistic pediatrician from Northport Wellness center

Dr Pina LoGuidice@innersourcehealth- based in Huntington, NY, a naturopathic and Chinese medicine practitioner; her book The Little Book of Healthy Beauty is a great resource for women; 

*Dr Sue Cucchiara- modern day doctor, ancient wisdom; special help with Lyme and other autoimmune diseases; virtual appointments available 

Dr Robert Graham- internal and integrative medicine; chef and doctor, tackles issues from all angles; helps with FODMAP issues; virtual appointments available

Dr Jeffrey Morrison- based in NYC, integrative health and medicine, his office treats underlying cause of illnesses and a large range of health issues

Dr Anita Sadaty- integrative gynecology, a focus on women’s health; all around fantastic wellness center based in Roslyn, NY

Dr David Brownstein- great tools and books for fighting viruses; he provides powerful overall wellness insights 

Dr Langhou and Dr Leon- neurology and chiropractic practice, based on Long Island

Dr Scott Banks- chiropractor and neurology, focus on functional medicine and wellness


East to West Wellness Center- based in Huntington - acupuncture and physical/infrared therapy to promote internal and external wellness. 

Megan Spaeth- Jersey Shore Acupuncture- Megan had studied classical chinese medicine and fell in love with the process and the result. Her goal through her practice is to “make people feel light”.


Marci Baron- energy balancing and clearing techniques through different spiritual and philosophical practices.  

Mental / Emotional resources:

Dr Joe Dispenza- Focused on philosophical self discovery and self improvement; learning to believe in the possibilities of mankind.  Amazing meditation resources which are available to purchase and download making it easier for daily commitment.

The Tapping Solution and *Nick Ortner- Natural meditation technique, proven to reduce anxiety and depression by 41%. Our good friend Nick has written countless easy to follow books to teach and guide on this technique. 

Evolve by Erica- meditation through KUNDALINI breathing. Helps to improve anxiety, paramona and panic attacks, Erica is an inspirational human. 

Trainers/ Coaches:

Rebecca Heiberg- fitness trainer, focusing on the good in life, neglecting negativity and seeing results through living a healthy and active lifestyle. Both virtual and in person appointments available, also trained in functional nutrition. 

Don Saladino- celebrity trainer Focused on programming, motivation and consistency to achieve your fitness goals. Downloadable programs available for workouts in your own home

Josh York- GYMGUYZ- Want to get fit, lose weight and finally reach your goals? Tough to find time to get to the gym? Hesitant to visit the gym in the first place? We get it. We bring the certified personal trainer, equipment and workout to you!
Victor Torres- Committed to complete well-being. Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Environmental, Occupational, and Spiritual.

Nutritionists / Dieticians:

Adam Ross- Registered dietitian and nutritionist certified in sports nutrition. He uses his knowledge of nutrition and health to serve as a powerful personal trainer as well. 

Shauna DelPrete- Results Food Coaching- registered dietitian specializing in digestive disorders, eating disorders and intuitive eating.Certified LEAP Therapist and helps clients who suffer from migraines, fibromyalgia and IBS.

Robin Barrie Kaiden- A licensed dietitian and personal trainer based in Westport, CT, but has gained a national presence as a blogger, columnist, and guest speaker. Robin is a renowned health counselor helping people of all ages embrace a healthier lifestyle through her work. 

Ayurvedic Consult:

Laurie Glass- inner path yoga- via virtual classes, Laurie teaches yoga therapy, and a  mind and body form of exercise. Proven to help reduce anxiety, stress, inflammation, pain and improve neurological health. Laurie will be offering life changing Ayurvedic consults in the near future 

Environmental Protection:

*Wave Block- anti radiation blockers for ear buds and cell phones; use code OrganicKrush for 15% off any orders 

Grassroots environmental education- philanthropic organization that teaches lifestyle practices for avoiding toxins and radiation

If you know anyone who might be a good candidate for this list, please email me at

Your body wants to support you. It wants to heal you. It will always strive for balance and equilibrium. These doctors and healers have a passion for everything they do. They will help you achieve the health and happiness that life is all about!

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