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Get Your Gut in Check... add MORE food to your plate!

Get Your Gut in Check... add MORE food to your plate!

You've heard us before, and we'll say it again. Our gut is connected to everything: our skin, our weight, how we feel physically AND the latest research concludes, how we feel mentally! This is empowering news for all of us.  The best thing that you can do for your gut is to feed the good bacteria with a wide variety of organic (thus no harmful pesticides) vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains! It's almost like a fun project... how many healthy things can you provide your gut each day, and week over week? And when you focus on organic, it means you are eliminating the toxins and poisons that burden and harm the microbiome. 

Doctor Will Bulsiewicz explains that your gut is made up of an entire ecosystem of bacteria that function like a community of people. Every person needs something different to be good at something different! The same goes for all of the microbes living inside your gut: they all need different foods in order to thrive. That said, what all of them universally need is some sort of fiber, which comes from plants (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, etc.) 

On this Ellen Fisher Podcast, Dr. Will reveals that "the number one predictor of a healthy gut microbiome is the diversity of fibrous foods." Studies suggest, instead of cutting out foods and calories, that you add diversity to your diet by aiming to eat 30 different varieties of plants throughout the week. Brown rice one day, farro the next, oatmeal for breakfast and a rainbow of produce with every meal. 

Our co-founder, Michelle Walrath, lives by the idea that the cells in your gut regenerate and replace themselves every three days. The food that we eat literally becomes the makeup of our cells, so if you commit to eating a wide variety of clean, organic food for just three days, your new cells will be made of nutrient-dense gold.

Try a 3-day Reset, diversify the food you eat every week, and feel the difference in your body as your gut begins to thrive!

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