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Eat Seasonally For Your Health

Eat Seasonally For Your Health

Eating seasonally has well known benefits for the environment, local farmers and the taste of your food. You probably already know all of this, but how about the fact that it is actually good for your health? Let us explain.

It's the science behind why we crave cold, sweet fruit, tomatoes and bright fresh salads in the summer, and warm, grounding soups, apples in every form, and roasted veggies in the fall and winter. 

During the summer months, we thrive off of juicy fruits and cold salads because they hydrate us and lower our body temperature. As we transition into fall, our body temperature begins to drop. To combat this change, we feel hungrier and crave heartier, warmer foods that increase our internal temp. Even hours of sunlight play a role in our seasonal cravings and needs. During the summer months, we are exposed to an abundance of sunlight, an external force that naturally increases serotonin levels. Do you know what else increases serotonin levels? Carbs. So, it should come as no surprise that during the months that sunlight is not as prevalent, we naturally turn to squash and apples (seasonal produce that is higher in carbs and calories) over cucumbers and berries. This is just one of many examples of seasonal produce supporting our bodies as the seasons change. 

At KrushLifestyles, we practice what we preach. Nine new dishes are available on our website, full of bright seasonal produce, just in time for Spring! 

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