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Are You Curious to Learn About Your Unique Caloric Needs? Take Our Krush Quiz!

The Krush Calculator

The Krush Calculator

Weight ≠ health, but KrushLifestyles is here to support anyone that is on a weight change journey. We believe in eating an abundance of clean, plant based, organic food that will fire up your metabolism permanently. Fibrous, balanced, vitamin and mineral rich food is a key piece of an amazing health and wellness story, and that's exactly what our plans provide.

Every body is different, and it is important that you understand what your body needs before deciding which of our plans is best for you. One of the tools on our site that we encourage customers to use is the KrushCalculator, a quiz that takes your personal lifestyle into account when calculating your BMR, or Basal Metabolic Rate, plus activity level. Your BMR is the amount of calories that your body needs to keep all of its systems functioning correctly if you were at rest. So, if you did not move for an entire day, you would still breathe, have a heart beat, break down food, blink, and think! You need a certain amount of energy in the form of calories to function, and if you deprive yourself of those calories, your metabolism has to make up for it by slowing down. Imagine a blazing fire in your fireplace. How does it continue to blaze? You "feed" it logs. If you stop feeding it, the fire starts to dwindle and die down. That is exactly what your metabolism does if you don't give it enough calories to support your basic life functions.

BMR is an important number to take into account when it comes to your diet. Consistently eating too many calories can cause weight gain, but consistently eating too few calories may wreck your metabolism, lowering your energy and hindering your ability to lose weight if that is your goal. You'll never guess what our dietician experts told us a few years ago: the #1 reason that people struggle to lose weight is under-eating. By not eating enough, they are depriving themselves of a healthy, fiery metabolism. KrushLifestyles plans allow you to experience, for yourself, how fantastic eating a proper amount of calories feels.

Every dish that we created is packed with fiber and nutrient rich foods that will keep you satiated, maintain your blood sugar levels, and keep your metabolism in check. Plus, they are delicious! Use the Krush Calculator to choose or create a meal plan that works best for your specific body and lifestyle. Combining knowledge and plans is empowering, fun, and is to lead to fantastic results!

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